How I can help!

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Professional Teacher Profile:

My mission in life is to serve and help others live to their potential.
Helping others through Language Learning has become a passion that I am insanely enthusiastic about.
I love seeing your growth!

Interests: Personal Growth / Positive Psychology / TED talks / Traveling /Volunteerism / Family / Meditation / Extreme Challenges / Documentaries / Veganism / Cooking / People Skills / Helping Others

Professionally: (and Passionately)
I am an international Flight Attendant, Translator, Motivational speaker
I am a YouTuber, Polyglot (B2 test in 4 Languages), Uncle to two amazing kids and a Language Coach for a major airline and soon, hopefully YOU! 🙂

Me as a Teacher

I am fully invested in seeing each students’ growth.
Consider me a coach/friend/motivator and an accountability partner.
I am here to find and help students reach their maximum potential, see you grow as a speaker and give back to the same community that has helped me become fluent in 7 other languages with over 500 hours as a student myself!

As a Motivator who believes in Inspiration, Goal Setting & ACTION.
We would state
(1) Your Ultimate GOAL
(2) Map out a PLAN
(3) Execute it TOGETHER !

My Lessons & Teaching Style

I am a conversationalist and love to engage in a discussion where we can really learn from, but in our lessons you will be speaking more than me (80% you, 20% me).

The reason for this is because you will grow as a fluent speaker and see quicker results. (Guaranteed)

I also type the words you say well, and the words you do not say so well in a google sheets. You can always go back to this and see your ups and downs for your growth !

Life is short.
Follow your dreams & INVEST in YOURSELF !


Short Bio:

I was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. I am an International Flight attendant, translator and motivational speaker for a major airline. I love sharing my passion here as a Professional Language Teacher!

I speak English (native), German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Neapolitan & French at an advanced level.
I am currently learning Polish.

Take the jump and enjoy this passionate language learning journey with me.
Get EXCITED, because I am!

Talk soon my future friend!

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